Kaoverii [kaw-veh-ree]

1. Sanskrit : Name of a holy river.

2. A person who manifests good vibes and captures beautiful moments.


Hi, I’m Kaoverii Silva, photographer, cat enthusiast, and reigning champion of the daily karaoke competition I have in my car. I went to Emily Carr University where I spent my days alternating between the study of photography and the study of accruing student loans. In the end, I decided photography was more for me and finished my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography.

In the time since, I’ve worked on my own personal portfolio and worked alongside a few amazing Wedding Photographers. I’ve also spent the last four years as the Lead Photographer for HERA FILMS, a Vancouver based Wedding Photography & Videography company. I’ve gained knowledge and experience working with a team seamlessly as well as managing the group.

What drew me to photography was the ability to capture something as intangible as time, to preserve a moment and tell a story through a few frames. Having a documentary approach allows the organic and genuine moments to surface and to simply observe the relationships and connection with the people around you. I love capturing the little things that bring your wedding and portraits to life off of a page. Sometimes that detail is a calm moment with your parents during pre-wedding jitters, the teary-eyed smile when he first sees you walking down the aisle, or maybe it’s a sweet moment between the two of you during your maternity or the way your newborn’s tiny fist grips your shirt.


No matter what those moments are, I would be honoured to share in them and create something for you and your family to cherish forever.
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