Wedding Questionnaire!



Thank you very much for giving me the honour to photograph your wedding day! To ensure your special day runs smoothly, please fill out the questionnaire form below. Some of the questions may be on the wedding day itinerary, so be sure to email me a copy! 

Thank you in advance! 

Wedding day info and contacts
Wedding Date *
Wedding Date
Name *
Partners Name *
Partners Name
Phone and email
Please list, Parents, Siblings, and Grandparents for both sides.
Please list all location venues
Street parking, parking lot etc?
Bridesmaids and/or Groomsmen, Flower girl, Ring bearer
Many venues have specific policies regarding photography ( ex. churches do not allow flash). Please consult your location and/or the person marrying you to answer this question.
Name and number of someone we can contact the day of
I would love to connect with your vendors and give out proper credit to those who have made your day special!
Name + Contact - I would love to connect with your videographers and to go over the day!
Please fill out times you anticipate for each event
If applicable
Before the ceremony
After the ceremony
Family photo list
To ensure that the family photos run smoothly, please delegate a family member from each side to gather all members in the list.
After the Wedding
Just wondering where I can send out thank you cards after the wedding!!